Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

When commercial disputes arise they need to be tacked swiftly to stop them getting out of hand and to keep the time and cost of dealing with them as low as possible.

A particular caution is necessary in disputes involving cross-border transactions where additional jurisdictional issues have the tendency to complicate matters further.

To be able to react quickly you need clarity on the root cause of the problem, an honest appraisal of who should shoulder the blame, an assessment of the risks your business faces, a realistic view on the best and worst case scenario when it comes to possible outcomes, a firm idea of what you want to achieve and a clear strategy on how to achieve it.

This is where the expertise and experience of the dispute resolution lawyers at IMD Solicitors comes in.

How we can help

By working together from the moment a dispute arises we can help you take hold of the problem you face and shape the way it is dealt with to give you the best chance of achieving the result that you want.

We can do this whether your dispute arises from a failing out with a customer, supplier, professional advisor, business associate or member of your workforce and whether it concerns an alleged breach of contract, a defamatory statement, a dispute about intellectual property rights or something else.

There are a range of dispute resolution processes we can help you utilise, from negotiation and mediation to arbitration, expert determination and court action.

We will help you identify and choose the best jurisdiction for your dispute to maximise your chance and will project manage any dispute that involves actions across a number of jurisdictions. 

Our services 

The services offered by our dispute resolution solicitors include dealing with:

Why come to us?

When you choose IMD Solicitors you get more than a lawyer — you get an ally focused on ensuring your interest are protected, your reputation remains untarnished and you are restored to a position where you can concentrate on promoting the success of your business.

This starts with the effective and efficient management of the dispute at hand and then moves on to consider your wider business needs and whether there is anything else we can do to help. This might include assessing your business for future risks and suggesting strategies to minimise these, assisting you in the negotiation of commercial contracts, proving you with employment law advice, putting in place a shareholders agreement, devising a strategy to manage your data protection compliance or supporting you through a corporate restructure.

We are a full service firm on hand to provide you with whatever support you need, ensuring always that the advice we give is clear and straightforward, technically excellent, tailored to your needs and commercially focused.

We are readily accessible, with offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and with a plethora of trusted partners throughout Europe this means that we can deal with both UK and EU based disputes, corporate transactions and commercial law matters, provided they are governed by UK or EU law.

Contact us

For more information on our services, please contact us on 0330 107 0106 or email For dispute resolution enquiries only please contact the of our dispute resolution team, Olexandr Kyrychenko on 0330 107 0106.

(0044) 330 107 0106
Dispute Resolution

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