Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

There are many stages in the lifecycle of a business which call for professional advice and support. This includes when your business is formed, as it grows and develops, as further capital is required to secure your continued success, if and when you elect to forge commercial alliances and once you have achieved all you set out to and the time has therefore come for you to make an exit.

At IMD Solicitors, our corporate lawyers are on hand to support you on your business journey and to help you achieve your objectives, whether you are new start-up business or an established enterprise.

We can help regardless of whether the matter is purely UK-based or involves a cross-border element. We are particularly experienced in dealing with international joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions between domestic and global companies.

Our service is comprehensive and affordable, and the advice we provide is technically sound, commercially focused, creative and pragmatic.

Our services in more detail

The lawyers in our corporate solutions teams can help with:

We can also provide advice on corporate disputes, working alongside the lawyers in our dispute resolution team. This includes transaction-specific disputes, as well those involving shareholders and directors.

With lawyers operating in several offices throughout the UK and mainland Europe, our advice is not just confined to domestic transactional and corporate matters but also those with an international or cross-border dimension.

Why come to us?

There are a number of reasons why businesses choose us as their trusted advisor, including our extensive experience and technical expertise, our innovative approach to challenging, complex or unusual matters and our ability to get deals over the line no matter what the circumstances or how tight the deadline.

However the biggest draw is undoubtedly our commitment to work in partnership with clients and to embed ourselves in their business so that, whatever challenges they face or opportunities they encounter, we are by their side ready to help.

It is not just corporate matters that we can assist with. Our lawyers can also offer advice and support on employment issues, the registration and defence or intellectual property rights and the creation of a broad range of commercial contracts.

We are competitive on price and the majority of our services can be undertaken on a fixed-fee basis, so costs are predictable and easy to budget for.

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Corporate Solutions

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