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Supplier Disputes

Disputes with suppliers can have a crippling effect on your business, particularly where the goods or services they provide are essential to what you do or your operational efficiency. Quick and commercially sensible solutions are the order for the day and are what our team of dispute resolution lawyers specialise in delivering. 

How can we help?

Our aim is to resolve your dispute using whatever means are necessary to achieve your objectives and to protect your commercial interests. There are a number of factors that will influence the approach taken, including:

  • the urgency with which the dispute needs to be resolved and whether an injunction may be necessary to force your supplier to recommence services pending matters between you being resolved or to prevent them making defamatory statements;
  • whether there is a dispute resolution clause in your contract compelling you to follow a particular procedure;
  • the current state of your relationship and how likely it is you will be able to work together to resolve matters; and
  • the complexity of the issues that need to be determined.

In some cases informal negotiation or a mediator-led process will be suggested, while in others arbitration or expert determination may be more appropriate. Court proceedings might also be an option, particularly where the dispute raises novel or difficult issues or where an injunction is likely to be required.

What type of supplier dispute do IMD Solicitors deal with?

Our dispute resolution solicitors deal with a variety of supplier disputes acting for clients who are exclusively UK-based and also for international clients with global operations. 

We have particular expertise in resolving disputes arising out of:

  • contracts concluded on the basis of alleged misrepresentation, for example around a supplier’s experience, capability or resource capacity;
  • breach of contract claims, particularly where delivered dates have been missed or promised after-sales support has not been provided;
  • breach of sale of goods and supply of services legislation which obliges suppliers to ensure their goods are of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and that any services are performed with reasonable skill and care;
  • failure on the part of a supplier to arrange appropriate licences for the use of intellectual property protected features imbedded within their produces;
  • the supply of faulty or defective machinery and equipment;
  • substandard or incomplete service provision;
  • outstanding bills where liability to make payment is disputed; and 
  • insolvency proceedings of your supplier which impact on the validity of your contractual arrangements.

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Why choose IMD Solicitors?

Our dispute resolution lawyers understand the crucial importance of ensuring supply arrangements in your business run according to plan and the need for speed when things go wrong.

We are well known for our proactive approach and for our ability to come up with creative solutions to unusual problems, even in cases which appear to be deadlocked.

We are also notable in our commitment to continue supporting you once your dispute has been resolved by signposting you to other services we believe you could benefit from, such as help with drafting new commercial contracts or in appointment an agent or distributor to help grow and penetrate new markets.


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