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Media, Entertainment and Sport

The world of media, entertainment, and sport is fast paced. It can be exciting, and challenging and anyone involved in the fields of media, entertainment or sport needs to have their wits about them or the support of specialist entertainment and sports lawyers to protect their interests.

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Media, entertainment and sport services

Whether you are an aspiring or leading individual in the field of media or entertainment or a publishing house or sporting organisation, sponsor, or licensed agent, our dedicated and specialist team of media, entertainment and sports lawyers can help you with:

  • commercial contracts including publishing deals
  • sponsorship deals
  • ambassador agreements
  • social media and introducer agreements  
  • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • brand protection and management
  • UK entry clearance for creatives in the fields of art, media and entertainment
  • sportsperson visas for UK entry   
  • finance agreements
  • regulatory issues and governing bodies and organisations
  • tax structures and arrangements
  • tax investigations of corporates, partnerships or individuals

IMD Corporate entertainment, media and sports sector expertise

IMD Corporate help individuals, organisations and companies with all their business law related entertainment, media and sport legal needs, including:

Who IMD Corporate act for

The team of media, entertainment and sports lawyers, from a range of business law disciplines, act for a variety of individual media and entertainment personalities and sportspersons to companies, including:

  • advertisers
  • agents and promoters
  • authors and publishers
  • broadcasters
  • clubs
  • creatives from writers to musicians to actors
  • entrepreneurs
  • event promoters
  • film and television companies
  • governing bodies
  • managers
  • players
  • producers
  • streaming service providers
  • investors

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Why chose IMD Solicitors as your media and sports lawyers

For us, our value is in our excellent client service, attention to detail and getting the legal stuff right. We do not pretend to be anything other than great lawyers, and that’s what makes us a winning team when we represent talented individuals and companies in the creative and sporting sectors.

Whether our team of lawyers is drafting a high profile contract or resolving a regulatory, compliance or contractual issue or negotiating a broadcasting deal, we focus on getting the job done, quickly and with reputation and brand management our key priority.

IMD Solicitors have offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and several European cities, with many trusted partners throughout Europe. We resolve UK and EU based disputes, corporate transactions and commercial law matters governed by UK or EU law.


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