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Adjudication is a fast and effective way to resolve disputes without ending up in prolonged commercial litigation.

Many commercial contracts and agreements include adjudication as the preferred means of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). However, even if adjudication is not referred to in a contract or deal, the parties to a commercial dispute can agree to use adjudication.

Our adjudication solicitors will explain the adjudication process and discuss whether adjudication is the best method for your business to resolve its dispute with a third party.

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Why adjudication?

Our adjudication service is just one of many ADR services our dispute resolution solicitors offer, including representation in traditional commercial litigation to resolve business-related disputes.

Adjudication offers the advantage of speed in comparison to other methods of ADR or commercial litigation. This can be a huge advantage as it is likely beneficial for you to achieve a quick resolution to the dispute.

Adjudication services

Adjudication is not as common as other methods of ADR, so if adjudication is the named method of ADR in your contract or agreement, or you are interested in a speedy and binding resolution, IMD will advise you on:

  • the adjudication process and procedure
  • alternatives to adjudication, such as commercial mediation or arbitration
  • the advantages of adjudication over traditional court litigation
  • likely costs of adjudication, litigation or ADR so you can make informed choices
  •  timescales
  •  jurisdictional and cross-border issues 

The benefits of adjudication

When it comes to any type of commercial dispute, the key to reaching an acceptable resolution is to understand the nature of the dispute to develop tactics and a strategy that works best for your business.

Adjudication of a dispute could be the best strategic option for your commercial dispute because:

  •  it is quick and efficient – the process takes 28 days
  • a decision by an adjudicator is binding until the dispute is fully determined by litigation, arbitration or by agreement
  • adjudication can resolve an impasse where it is in all parties’ interests to get a quick decision, such as a construction or property dispute or a falling out with a subcontractor or agent that has wider implications for your business
  •  it is more cost-effective than prolonged commercial litigation
  • as adjudication is quick, the dispute does not become a distraction or a drain on company resources
  •  if you want to continue a commercial relationship, you are more likely to achieve this using adjudication
  •  adjudication can be used to resolve UK and international commercial disputes

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