Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

When you run a business there is a lot to think about, including the best structure under which to operate, the contracts you need to govern your commercial relationships, any legal or regulatory obligations with which you must comply and the steps you can take to reduce the risk of things going wrong and to contain the fallout if they do.

As fellow business owners, this is something we understand and is why we have worked hard to create a complete service offering design to meet all of your business needs, whether you are a fledgling enterprise or a well-established international plc.

This offering includes a range of commercial law services designed to ensure that, whatever it is you do, you have the documents, processes and procedures you need to do it properly and in a way that best promotes and protects your interests.

Our services in more detail

The services offered by our commercial solutions team are extensive and include:

  • business start-up advice, including partnership and company formation;
  • the drafting of shareholders agreements and the other corporate documents;
  • help with employment matters, including employment contracts and directors service agreements;
  • the creation of standard and bespoke terms terms and conditions of sale;
  • the drafting of lease and hire purchase documents;
  • establishing procedures to ensure compliance with data protection laws;
  • the safeguarding of your intellectual property rights;
  • negotiating general commercial contracts and project specific agreements, including joint ventures, agency and distributions arrangements, franchise operations and construction deals; and
  • the provision of company share sale and acquisition advice and the preparation of share purchase agreements.

While our primary focus is on advising businesses operating within the UK, we can also provide advice to organisations trading out of or into other countries within Europe or who are involved in projects with a European or international dimension. 

Why come to us?

What sets us apart from other commercial solicitors is our genuine commitment to work in partnership with you to make your business the best that it can be.

This starts by taking the time to really understand what it is you do and the industry you operate in, your short and medium term objectives, any known or potential risk factors and what it is you need from us to help you succeed.

Our service has been designed to cover all major business functions and to take account of the full range of rights, relations and conduct issues you are likely to need to have regard to.

It is not just commercial law matter that we can advise you on, but also:

We are also competitive on price and in most cases can offer our commercial law services on a fixed-fee basis so you know upfront exactly what you will have to pay.

Contact us

For more information on the services we can offer to help support to your business, please contact Olexandr Kyrychenko or Marcin Durlak on 0330 107 0106 or email us at

(0044) 330 107 0106
Commercial Solutions

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