Construction Disputes

Construction Disputes

With so many people involved in construction projects it is little wonder that disputes sometimes arises, whether over design faults, poor workmanship, defective fixtures and fittings, contract overspends, missed deadlines or unpaid invoices.

When an issue crops up it is important to deal with quickly and in a way that does not jeopardise the project going forward. Our dispute resolution lawyers are here to help, whether you are caught up in the thick of the dispute or are a concerned bystander with a vested interest.

What types of construction dispute for IMD Solicitors deal with?

Our experienced lawyers can help with a wide range of construction disputes, including:

  • breach of contract claims between customers, developers, contractors, professional advisors and investors;
  • disputes around the meaning and effect of key contractual terms, both in bespoke agreements and standard form JCT contracts;
  • contract variation issues;
  • defective work claims;
  • interim payment and final account disputes;
  • delay and extension of time claims;
  • disputes about the validity of retention of title provisions;
  • warranty claims;
  • issues arising out of customer, contractor or subcontractor insolvency ; and 
  • claims of professional negligence leveled at architects, engineers and project managers.

Options for resolving a construction dispute

Your options for resolving a dispute will depend on a number of factors, including the urgency of the matter, the point at which the dispute arises, whether there is an ongoing relationship you wish to preserve and what any relevant contract says about how disputes should be handled.

Where you are the aggrieved party and the time limit for making a claim is fast approaching we will advise issuing court proceedings. The same is true where you require an injunction to compel your opponent to continue to meet their contractual obligations while you wait for your dispute to be resolved or to prevent them from doing something that my cause you irreparable harm.

In other cases we will usually advise you to consider alternative dispute resolution procedures and in all cases will encourage you to follow the pre-action protocol for construction and engineering disputes which aims to ensure that before you commit to court action you and your opponent:

  • are clear on where you each stand in relation to the dispute;
  • understand the issues that need to be resolved and the root cause of the problem;
  • have identified any documents or evidence that need to be considered;
  • have discussed the pros and cons of referring the dispute to mediation; arbitration, expert determination or some other form of alternative dispute resolution procedure; and
  • have thought about the steps you can take to keep costs as low as possible, particularly where it looks as though litigation cannot be avoided.

Why choose IMD Solicitors?

Our team of construction dispute solicitors are well known in the industry for their proactive and commercially focused advice which is targeted at helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

We are experienced in resolving disputes arising out of projects of all shapes and sizes and have particular expertise in dealing with large scale schemes where a dispute has arisen between multiple parties on a commercial or residential development.

While much of the work we handle concerns domestic projects involving UK-based clients, we can also deal with projects that have an international element and as a full service company it is not just disputes we can help with but also the negotiation and drafting of construction agreements, employment law issues affecting your workforce and property sales and acquisitions.

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Construction Disputes

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