Corporate Governance and Compliance

Every business needs a corporate governance and compliance strategy to direct and control the way in which business is run and to ensure that any generic or sector specific rules and regulations are adhered to. This is the case whether you are a start-up business or an established enterprise and whether you operate as a company, a partnership or an LLP.

At IMD Corporate, we specialize in devising corporate governance and compliance plans and in creating the documents whether you will need to ensure effective implementation and adoption.

Our service includes advice on how your business should be structured, arrangements for power sharing between stakeholders, the rules around decision-making, terms and condition of employment, processes and procedures to ensure compliance with data protection laws and other regulatory requirements and a mechanism by which disputes can be swiftly identified, investigated and resolved.

The majority of the work we do can be elaborate on a fixed-fee basis and with lawyers based in several office across the UK and Europe, we can provide advice and support wherever you or your business happen to be based.

How we can help

Our services include:

  • a business review to determine your corporate governance and compliance requirements;
  • advice on organisational matters and whether a corporate restructure might be appropriate, for example to ringfence your assets against the risk of future insolvency, to facilitate a public offering prior to listing on the London Stock Exchange or to get your business ready for a possible merger or acquisition;
  • advice on the structure and composition of a company’s management board;
  • advice on the rights and responsibilities of company directors, including those under the UK Companies Act 2006;
  • advice on the rights and responsibilities of company shareholders, particularly when it comes to attending meetings, casting votes or exercising a share option;
  • the drafting of constitutional documents, including articles association and a shareholders agreement;
  • the drafting of employment contracts and directors’ service agreements;
  • the drafting of internal policies and procedures geared towards ensuring staff adherence to corporate governance and compliance rules;
  • the drafting of external policies, including privacy notices required under data protection legislation;
  • the reporting and investigation of regulatory breaches; and 
  • the resolution of a range of potentially problematic or disruptive matters, including director disputes, shareholder disputes, contract disputes, intellectual property disputes and even disputes arising out of competition and anti-trust concerns.

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Why choose us?

As a firm which operates in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive sector of the market, we understand better than most the importance of having a comprehensive plan in place to drive your business forward and to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Like you, we need a roadmap to help us operate effectively and enable us to adjust as our needs and wants develop and as trading conditions change and the sector we operate in evolves.

Armed with this understanding, we can help you to create a corporate governance and compliance strategy tailored-made for the business you are seeking to build and which contains the safeguards you need to make your journey a straightforward and risk-free as possible.

Our knowledge in this area is extensive, particularly when it comes to compliance matters and organizing the affairs of large companies with extensive operations, including those with interests abroad.The advice we give is practical and geared towards ensuring your business is positioned to operate as well as it can and to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.


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