Company and Corporate Restructure

Company and Corporate Restructure

There are many reasons why you might consider restructuring your business or changing the way you are organized. You may need to streamline operations, reposition yourself in the market, prepare for an exit, facilitate growth, raise capital, ringfence your exposure to risk and liability, refinance borrowing, consolidate debt or avoid a collapse into insolvency.

Whatever the driver, the key to ensuring an effective transition from the business you are to the one you want to be is to seek professional advice on your options and the steps you can take to bring about change in the most effective, least disruptive and minimally risky way.

At IMD Solicitors, our corporate solutions team specialize in helping businesses who face difficult choices and who require legal advice and support as they undergo transformation.

With lawyers operating across several offices throughout the UK and Europe, e are here to assist you wherever you may be and whether the business you require help with is domestic or international. 

Our service is prompt and efficient and can usually be delivered for a fixed price to ensure costs are predictable and can be easily budgeted for.

How we can help

We can assist with a variety of restructuring exercises on behalf of both solvent and distressed corporate entities and in the provision of advice to company directors who may face personal liability for sanctioning transactions at an undervalue or which amount to a preference.

We can also help in the provision of advice to shareholders, corporate lenders, secured and unsecured creditors and insolvency practitioners. 

Types of restructuring

We can help to plan, implement and attend to the legal formalities associated with:

  • rationalisation projects, to dispose of non-essential property, equipment and personnel;
  • streamlining exercises, to improve operational and business efficiency;
  • the issue of new shares, to facilitate the raising of additional capital;
  • the conversion of a limited company to a plc via a public offering to attract external investment;
  • company demergers, to separate out different parts of a company ' s business;
  • hive-ups and hive-downs, to facilitate the transfer of assets and liabilities between a parent company and its subsidiaries;
  • business sales and mergers, to effect a full or partial market exit;
  • debt refinancing, to secure a lower rate of interest and better repayment terms; and 
  • company voluntary arrangements and other insolvency options, to keep a financially distressed business afloat.

Additional services

We can also provide specialist advice on:

  • large-scale redundancy programmes which require employee consultation;
  • joint venture and outsourcing arrangements that raise TUPE considerations;
  • employee share option schemes; 
  • share redesignation following changes to a companys share capital;
  • legal due dilligence in the run-up to a business sale or company merger;
  • strategies to maintain adequate intellectual property protection;
  • corporate governance and compliance matters, including the need for amendments to be made to your articles of association and other constitutional documents;
  • the resolutions of disputes between directors and shareholders;
  • the transfer of business activities from the UK to Europe and vice versa;
  • the process international companies need to go through to secure a fiscal residency certificate for tax purposes; and
  • competition and anti-trust concerns.

Who choose us?

Our team of corporate layers can help whether the impetus for change in your business is driven by ambitions for growth or worries over mounting debt and whether your concern in seeing change effected is as a business owner or an interested stakeholder.

We can advise on a wide variety of restructuring processes and have experience in mentoring clients though periods of transition both here in the UK and across Europe.

Our service offering is extensive, extending not only to the transactional elements of a restructuring program but to the commercial and employment elements too.

List of notable restructuring, mergers and acquisitions cases

  • Advising on corporate restructuring of an international business involving a number of jurisdictions and substantial assets.
  • Successfully acting on international restructuring projects and conducting cross-border merger of the companies involved based on EU Regulations.
  • Advising on the sale of the award winning, one of the Europe fastest growing, multi million pound IT company.
  • Advising, in expert capacity, on issuance, enforceability and restructuring of bonds and other debt securities.
  • Acting for a major sports entertainment company in issuance of corporate securities
  • Acting for a Client in relation to a sale of one of the major radio stations.
  • Sale of a frozen food wholesaler in London.
  • A group restructure and sale of a chain of continental food shops.

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Company and Corporate Restructure

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