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Global Talent visa

Introducing the Global Talent visa 

The Global Talent visa is designed for exceptionally gifted international individuals working in the fields of academia and research, arts and culture, and digital technology.

This visa option is open to both experts with an established track record in their field (the “exceptional talent” route) as well as to individuals who are very likely to succeed in their chosen area (the “exceptional promise” route).

The Global Talent visa application process includes two key stages: an application to secure endorsement from a relevant institution recognised by the Home Office and the visa application itself.  Receiving your endorsement letter is the key step of the process. A global talent visa specialist will be able to tailor your application to reflect your unique contributions to field.

Global Talent visa holders may be eligible for settlement after 3 or 5 years spent in the UK, depending on whether they had been granted the Exceptional Talent or the Exceptional Promise visa option.

Global Talent visa requirements

To secure endorsement, applicants will be asked to provide evidence of any qualifications, accolades, and achievements within their field of expertise, including any awards, nominations, proof of commercial success, notable publications, academic qualifications, and media coverage. The specific type of documents required will depend on the applicant’s individual field of expertise and skill set.

Applicants will also be asked to provide letters of recommendation from referees of recognised standing within the relevant field.

Once endorsement is obtained, applicants can submit their visa application to the Home Office. Notably, there are no English language or financial requirements attached to the Global Talent route.

Global Talent visa application process

Both the endorsement and visa applications are submitted online.

Completion of the endorsement application is the cornerstone of the entire process. The assessment of your endorsement application can be highly subjective, making the diligent preparation of the supporting evidence a priority.

If the endorsement application is refused, applicants can reapply or make a reconsideration request free of charge within 28 days from the date of the refusal notice. The review of the original decision normally takes up to 28 days from the date of submission.

The endorsement application fee is £456. It usually takes 6-8 weeks for an endorsing body to reach a decision.

If successful, applicants will need to pay an additional fee of £152 and an Immigration Health Surcharge at £624 per visa year to receive their visa. The final visa decision is normally expected within 15 working days.

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An experienced UK immigration lawyer will be able to guide you through the Global Talent visa application process and ensure your application meets the stringent requirements set by the endorsing bodies and the Home Office.

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