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Regulatory and Compliance

Regulatory matters can get complicated, whether you are an individual, start-up, SME or multinational company battling cross border regulatory and compliance issues daily.

The regulatory and compliance lawyers at IMD Corporate assist individuals and businesses facing investigations, prosecutions and compliance action.

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Regulatory and compliance services

Our regulatory and compliance lawyers provide advice on the full range of compliance and regulatory issues that most UK and European businesses may face. Our service areas include:

  • data protection regulations
  • environmental regulations
  • financial services regulation
  • health and safety
  • import and export regulations
  • operator compliance
  • professional regulatory compliance
  • property-related and building regulations 
  • trading standards
  • transport

Proactive regulatory and compliance legal advice 

At IMD Corporate, we believe that whatever stage your business is at, it is always best to get proactive regulatory and compliance advice to minimise the risk of investigations, adverse publicity and prosecutions. 

Whilst there are obvious triggers for seeking regulatory and compliance advice, such as setting up a UK base for your EU business, it is prudent to get a regular ‘health check’ to ensure your company is compliant with all the latest regulatory and compliance issues relevant to your industry and sector and the countries in which your business operates or plans to do so. That is prudent risk management that our regulatory lawyers, acting as strategic trusted advisors, can help and support your company with, whether your business is based in the UK or EU.

Investing in regular regulatory and compliance audits by specialist compliance solicitors can protect your business and save substantial time and money. It is, therefore, money well invested in your company’s future success and growth.

Regulatory support when your business needs it

However proactive your business is there is always the risk that you may fall foul of regulatory or compliance issues, either because of a systematic failure or the actions of a rogue employee or a failure to respond to a change in regulations, either through a change in law or an expansion of your business into a new market.

If your company is facing an investigation, it is vital to get urgent regulatory and compliance advice to check if your business has breached country-specific or industry-specific regulations and ascertain if there is a solution that will not involve extensive investigation and prosecution. Early legal advice and cooperation with the relevant authorities can be in a company’s interests despite a natural inclination to be reluctant to engage in or respond to allegations of regulatory non-compliance.

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Why choose IMD Solicitors

Our regulatory solicitors offer confidential advice at whatever stage of the investigative or prosecution stage your company has reached. We aim to support your business through the process as whilst our regulatory solicitors will dedicate themselves to the investigation or disciplinary action your company is engaged in, our business lawyers can help with associated legal areas such as:

  • employment law and the whistleblowing incident that led to the investigation or
  • a party to a commercial contract seeking to terminate your contract because they do not want to be publicly associated with a business at risk of prosecution or
  • ensuring that commercial contracts require agents and subcontractors to adhere to regulatory requirements to avoid reputational damage

IMD Solicitors have offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and several European cities, with many trusted partners throughout Europe. We resolve UK and EU based disputes, corporate transactions and commercial law matters governed by UK or EU law.


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