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Business Crime

Business crime covers a variety of allegations of criminal activity made against a business or individual. When allegations of business crime are made, business crime solicitors must act fast to protect the company and its reputation and the individuals caught up in the allegations.

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Business crime services

At IMD Solicitors, our business crime team have substantial experience in advising on a range of white-collar crimes, including:

  • bribery
  • corporate manslaughter
  • cross border white-collar crime 
  • cybercrime 
  • false accounting and financial crimes
  • forgery and fraud 
  • embezzlement
  • identity theft
  • insider trading and investment fraud
  • internet-based crime
  • intellectual property infringement
  • money laundering
  • mortgage fraud
  • ponzi schemes
  • sanction breaches
  • tax fraud and VAT fraud

Placing your trust in IMD Corporate business crime lawyers

When you or your business are facing allegations of business crime it can have devastating personal, financial and business consequences, so you need to choose a team who will be committed and dedicated to fighting your case with skill and experience.

As a full-service law firm, IMD Solicitors understands how much the merest indication of an investigation can inflict financial and reputational damage. If you are an individual company director or officer facing allegations of white-collar crime, such as illegal business practices, you could be at risk of imprisonment or a fine. If you are a company director, you could be disqualified from running a business for 15 years.

Speed is crucial when facing allegations of any form of business crime to assess the nature of the investigation and work out how best to stop the investigation or minimise its impact. The business crime team will act quickly and efficiently with all the skill and expertise you would expect and help you with:

  • interviews with the police or regulatory bodies
  • the investigation process
  • court proceedings

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The IMD Solicitors approach

Working closely with specialist teams of lawyers, IMD Solicitors can help with the associated legal issues that come with allegations of business crime, such as:

  • employment contracts
  • employment grievances by individuals accused of white-collar crime
  • suspension or termination of employment
  • IP and data protection
  • sponsor licence suspension or revocation and impact on sponsored employees

We recognise that when you need the expertise of business crime and regulatory solicitors, the likelihood is that you will have associated legal needs requiring specialist advice. That is why IMD Solicitors provide proactive and joined-up comprehensive business legal advice. We are here to problem solve, whether that is dealing with an allegation of business crime, such as fraud or the fall-out of allegations of business crime activity, such as a business partner seeking to withdraw from a joint venture agreement or a party to a commercial contract seeking to terminate the contract because they are concerned about being linked to your company.

IMD Solicitors have offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and several European cities, with many trusted partners throughout Europe. We resolve UK and EU based disputes, corporate transactions and commercial law matters governed by UK or EU law.


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