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The Benefits of Working for IMD Solicitors as a Consultant Solicitor

Join Multi-Award-Winning Diverse Boutique Law Firm

For many lawyers, working as an employee no longer has the same appeal as it did when they first started out. Long hours, unachievable targets and long commutes are just some of the challenges you may be facing. If you are thinking about becoming a consultant solicitor, we can provide exceptional support, a diverse and inclusive working environment, and a fair fee-sharing arrangement to ensure that this career move works for you. In addition to the same perks as other firms, we have a caring, supportive culture. Our values and common purpose of connecting diverse communities and helping minorities thrive unites our team members, inspiring us to do great work together.

If you have any questions or think you might be the right fit for our firm, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly with our Managing Partner, Marcin Durlak by email at or give us a call today on 0330 107 0107.

Quality, trusted brand

While becoming self-employed is appealing, striking out on your own can be daunting. When you work with us as a consultant, you can experience the freedom of being self-employed whilst benefiting from our trusted brand. We have invested in both our physical and digital presence to achieve our established reputation. Although we are a boutique law firm, many clients choose to work with us over the top 100 law firms in the country because not only we can deliver excellent service and results, but we also have a unique connection with our clients.

Established practice

Founded in 2015 by Marcin Durlak and Iwona Durlak, from the outset, we have taken pride in having strong, identifiable values. IMD Solicitors is a multinational, full-service law firm and a leading provider of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout England and Wales. We provide bespoke legal advice to our corporate clients across a wide range of industries and sectors, from small to large-sized enterprises through to public and private companies. Our vision is to become the leading firm supporting international communities and businesses in the UK. Our team of experts can provide results when dealing with complex, cross-jurisdictional matters. However, as we grow, it is important to us that we preserve the family spirit of the firm and the strong feeling of inclusiveness we have cultivated across our team.

Our team of lawyers, together with a network of highly qualified specialists and partners in the UK and abroad, can offer solutions to our clients’ legal needs. When you join us as a consultant solicitor, you can take advantage of our network and seamless working practices to grow your client base and carry out your best work.

Set your own hours

One of the key benefits of working as a consultant at IMD Solicitors is that you are in charge of your working hours and patterns. You might find that the 9-5 lifestyle is less than ideal for arranging calls and meetings. As a self-employed team member, you can give yourself a competitive advantage by making yourself available to clients at a time that suits them, without sacrificing time with your family. To find out more about the perks of working as a sole practitioner, click here.

Unlimited earning potential

Our consultant solicitors retain most of their billing. As a result, our lawyers are motivated to earn as much as they need and set their working patterns accordingly. For many, this ability to earn more through hard work is a real draw towards becoming a consultant solicitor. In a firm, you may feel there is no room for you to grow, or the firm may be unable or unwilling to offer you a salary increase. Becoming a consultant solicitor gives you an opportunity for financial freedom.

Administrative support

Many lawyers would like to become self-employed, however, handling the administration that comes with running a legal practice whilst also fee earning can seem overwhelming. At IMD Solicitors, we will provide high-quality support so that you can focus on legal practice.

Teamwork when you need it

When you work at IMD Solicitors as a consultant solicitor, you won’t be ‘going it alone’. You will work alongside a team of understanding, respectful lawyers and support staff who can provide the help and assistance you need. There are many opportunities to collaborate on client work and projects, and we communicate regularly to ensure that all of our solicitors feel like part of the team.


We can offer the consultant solicitor model because we have invested in the best technology and carefully designed our processes. You will use our state-of-the-art case management system, accounting system and communication tools to maximise productivity. The technology you use can have a huge impact on the level of service you can provide for clients. As a firm committed to excellence, we ensure that we stay ahead of the curve.

Join IMD Solicitors as a Consultant Solicitor

Our fast-growing law firm is leading the way in the provision of legal services for diverse communities in the UK. We strive to provide outstanding client care whilst recognising the importance of clear communication with our clients. We are always interested to hear from talented individuals, regardless of whether you are looking to develop your skills or already have a notable record in the legal profession.

To discuss whether IMD Solicitors might be the right firm for you, or to ask anything about working with us, get in touch directly with our Managing Partner, Marcin Durlak by email at or give us a call today on 0330 107 0107.

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