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Mark Houghton

Patent Attorney

01629 700 353

Mark specializes in Intellectual Property law, helping commercial clients protect their trade identities through Trademarks, their creativity through Designs and their technology though Patents.

He says “My mission is to help commercial clients see Intellectual property as a commercial tool to both protect their businesses and help them make money”.

Mark worked for several years as a manager in industry and has run his own business. He has first-hand experience of practical problems and seeks to give realistic legal advice that takes account of commercial realities.

Mark‘s experience of researching and developing products from the drawing board to commercial reality and his legal knowledge and hands-on experience of using IP in business enables him to provide very practical and commercial advice. He also works with a small team of qualified paralegals to guide clients through the complex requirements of Intellectual property law.

Typical services include:

Mark has both legal and technical qualifications and is a European Patent Attorney a Chartered (UK) Patent Attorney, and has a PhD, undergraduate degrees and other post graduate qualifications.

He is a Chartered Scientist, a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist and European Chemist, as well as an Arizona Microchip approved Design Partner. He has rights of representation at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and at the European Patent Office.

Mark has represented many clients with legal disputes in intellectual property, his strong preferences to avoid legal action in the law courts, but when it has gone that he and the solicitors he works with have not yet lost a case.

Awards and Accreditations